Ethical AI Recruiting.

Internly is a revolutionary recruitment platform giving companies the tools to uncover the best talent from our large user base. Our advanced AI search algorithm finds the best talent which removes the need to search through stacks of student applications by hand.

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Free for first year!

Given the many uncertainties associated with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, we are offering our services for free to all companies in the 2020/21 academic year. We hope that this will help connect employers to students and find the perfect fit even in these unprecedented times.

Large Talent Pool

The Internly platform gives companies access to our large talent pool of proactive students. Companies will never have issues finding the perfect match.

Streamlined Talent Search

Our search feature has been designed, built and optimised to be extremely simple to use and efficient. Tailor each search with filters and parameters to suit the needs of every role.

Smart AI Recommendation

Our advanced artificial intelligence utilises many data points for every student to match the best suited candidates for each position, improving the success rate and reducing time to hire.

Reduce Discrimination and Bias

Our AI search does not use protected characteristics, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all.

Assess by Potential

In addition to self-reported data, we assess students with personalised tests to verify and uncover talent that has not yet been discovered.

Diversity Monitoring

Individualised diversity reports can be generated for each company to facilitate a more inclusive and productive team.

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